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    Attract Customers on Foot to Your Business with Blade Signs

    Blade signs are a type of projecting business signage mounted on storefront poles, on the front elevation of buildings or fixed to surfaces at a 90-degree angle to the flow of traffic. Fixing blade signs is among the most effective strategies of attracting customers on foot to your business.

    According to marketing experts, the signs were first used in the 14th Century. Competition for customers exponentially increased as the population density of people working in commercial business districts increased. Consequently, owners and managers of retail shops started fixing larger hanging signs to attract the attention of people passing by.

    The name blade came about given that the signage protruded into the space reserved for pedestrians and even threatened to slice or take them out.

    The Importance of Blade Signs

    Using these signs is the strategy that many business owners apply to attract prospective customers. Consider how potential customers look left, right and center when they need to purchase something. A blade sign can help them to navigate your business establishment easily.

    Next time you visit a shopping mall, take a good look at the environment. You’ll discover that most retailers make use of blade signs alongside or without other types of signage on the windows and front areas of their stores. They take cognizance of the fact that business signs ought to be on pedestrian’s visual path so as to be noticed. If your store has no blade sign, a potential customer can pass by without even noticing it.


    Blade signs can be classified into two broad categories:

    • non-illuminated
    • illuminated

    Numerous combinations can be used when designing this remarkable signage.

    Before fixing the signs, find out what the municipal or state codes prescribe. There are rules that guide retailers regarding where and how to place the signage. For instance, if you intend to fix it over a right of way used by the public, then you’ll have to apply for a special permit.


    When shopping for a blade sign, there are various factors that you ought to consider. Will you attach it to a wall made of bricks, wood or concrete? Remember that the surface must be sufficiently strong to support its weight.

    How far will the blade sign extend into the pedestrian walk? Will it be easily noticeable, or some people may pass by without noticing the sign?

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