Monument and Architectural Signs

Monument signs commonly feature at the entry points to churches, schools, corporate facilities and other important buildings and are mainly used to add a majestic and impressive feel to these entry points.

A monument sign is freestanding and can be made from concrete, brick, marble, stone or a metal framework that has your business logo, name and any other relevant information about your institution or business. These signs complement your primary building signage and give a strong impression from the very first glance. The memorable and appealing monument sign that 303 Sign Company make for your brand or business will help to stand out from other enterprises in your locality.

An Impressive Entry

A monument sign is an excellent signage option for different types of businesses. These majestic signs are memorable, eye-catching and extremely unique which helps to create a lasting and permanent impression in anyone that catches a glimpse of them.

Monument signs are normally placed at eye-level which means that there are no pillars, post or any other form of support structures needed to hold these signs in place. Most signage support structures are highly susceptible to degrading, aging and withering so with monumental signs, you are guaranteed of a durable and lasting signage investment.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

These signs are very popular in multi-building facilities, shopping centers and business parks. Our multi-tenant monument sign options can be designed to features the different tenant or business names located within a shopping center or park, or feature a welcoming message for a corporate facility or industrial plant.

If a top-notch, traffic-halting sign is what you are looking for, a monument sign is definitely the right pick.

Custom Signs For Every Budget

All our monument signs are custom made to meet your specific requirements, budget and specifications. We offer a wide range of material and size options to ensure that all our customers can find something that suits their specific businesses.

It does not matter if you are searching for a huge, show-stopping sign or just a simple and straightforward sign, we have the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and experience to deliver the perfect sign for your enterprise.