4 Signs Your Retail Store Needs a Makeover

Does your store need a makeover? Do you fear that your image and the general perception of your business is stale? Following are the main signs your retail store needs a makeover.

Old Signage

For a retail store marketing makeover to be effective, the marketing strategies used need to match customer perceptions of your store. As the signs typically create the visual impression of your store, make sure that they still fit with the contemporary image and direction of the store.

Through professional design or re-design of your store signs, your corporate image and identity will simultaneously be refreshed and enhanced. Also, the message that your store sends to customers will be more innovative and forward-thinking. A store sign can be incredibly simple yet effective, but what is important is emphasizing the intended marketing message.

Outdated Collateral

Items that are created to remind and reinforce people of your store and its critical marketing messages also require to be refreshed and updated. Many stores forget the need to change or overlook the benefits of the products utilized to remind individuals about the company’s key messages being updated. Having current and effective collateral is highly suggested.

Outdated Retail Packaging

Think carefully about your customers, where your store is positioned, and the markets you tap into. There is a substantial potential in having your messages communicated consistently and with impact, as well as knowing and understanding your customers. Consider all of the different types of retail packaging used — shopping bags and paper bags, stickers that enclose packages, and even the paper used to wrap fragile items.

Stagnant Sales

Most people think that a business has to be in ugly shape to require a makeover. That isn’t true. Stagnant sales come before declining sales; you should make changes while customers are still coming to your store.

Work with the Professionals

If you need a store makeover, don’t worry. Just devise a timeline, a plan, and a budget. Working with an industry professional can help you look at your retail store objectively and come up with the best solution for your situation.


Happy Customers

Awesome service! Nice guys, and they did excellent work. My new sign really brought my business to life, it looks great.

Joshua Rickard

We wouldn’t trust anyone else with putting decals on our work vans. Just an incredible job every time, and great customer service on top of that. Thank you!

Becca Allen

The 303 Sign Company is wonderful. They are a great business and are even better to work with. We can not wait to work with them in the future!

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