Consistency Improves Business Signs and Branding

When you are first starting out with a new business or with a rebrand of an existing company, you must first establish the tone of your brand. When establishing the tone, considerations such as whether you are more informative or more conversational can impact not only your online presence but how you transfer that brand voice and presence into your signage and other more physical efforts.

Consistency is more than the same message repeated in different places. Instead, things such as font, graphics and color selection matters. When a potential customer sees your store but the storefront does not match the social media accounts or your website, they might assume it is not the same business. This is an easily avoided faux pas when certain considerations are made.

Establish and Document a Brand Identity

Rather than simply thinking out your brand identity, it makes good business sense to write down a full plan that can be adhered to across different platforms. In this plan, you should include your brand voice, mission and guidelines for use of the company logo. By writing it out ahead of time, members of the team will have an easier time staying on point with your identity without having to guess. Including examples of poor usage and the intended usage will give staff the tools they need for brand success.

Monitor Your Brand

With documents in place and proper training, your employees will have a much easier time monitoring your brand. Having the staff at your company look over various platforms will reinforce your efforts in staying consistent. Having those who do the most work look over the branding makes the most sense, as they are the members of your team that know your products and services the best.

Target Your Audience

Relating to your customer base is one of the most effective ways to stay consistent in branding. By identifying a target audience, it will be much easier to identify the pain points in marketing. Without knowing who your customer base is, it will be much more difficult to try to guess which area needs improvement.

Even further, knowing your audience and brand makes it much easier to make signage for your business. From exterior signs to more promotional signage, staying consistent can only be achieved if there is a base for the consistency. Contact us today to find out how we can work with the branding you have to create the best business signs


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