What Makes a Quality Business Sign?

A quality business sign is created by many elements marrying together. When one component isn’t in place, the quality of the signage is compromised. These elements include legibility, design, appeal, simplicity; the list goes on. Below is a look at some of the top factors that are ‘a must’ for your business sign.


A clear business sign is one that is visible. If your prospects can’t read the signage properly and easily, you have to go back to the drawing board. Go to the details and know the actual distance needed for legibility. People need to read the sign from a fair distance.


It’s not enough to have a visible or legible sign. People need to be attracted to your signage. There are so many tactics that can be applied to improve and optimize the appeal of any business signage. One way to do it is through color. You can also choose to have illuminated signage that is highly dynamic and appealing. Your design choices will also play into the appeal and quality therein.

Deliver On the Promise

A high-quality business sign is one that delivers on the promise. Some businesses are very good at hyping their products and services. When these products and services don’t match the hype, your business signage will not help in converting prospects into customers. Therefore, before promising people that your cakes are the best in the city, make sure that quality of the product is indeed unparalleled. In addition, customer service should also be stellar.


Achieving simplicity with a business sign isn’t as easy as it sounds. It doesn’t mean having boring signage without any design or style. Simplicity means that you can use the signage optimally to communicate effectively.

From the type of fonts used to the actual wordage in the sign, all these factors will come into play. You want to be concise with your business signage. Communicate just enough to lure in the prospects. Use ‘street’ or daily language to capture a broad spectrum of people.

A quality business sign is one that is tried and tested. See how people react to it and track the performance therein. This is the only sure way to know whether your sign is effective or not.

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Business signage is part of the overall marketing strategy, therefore, you have to assess progress at all times. There is always room for improvement.

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