10 Rules of Thumb for Plumbing Truck Vehicle Wraps

In every location, there are a lot of handymen and plumbers to choose from, so how does a local plumber make a much-needed marketing impact? While traditional advertisements can certainly get your name out there, many plumbers are wasting an opportunity with the vehicle they already use. A well-wrapped truck or van can get a brand’s name out on the street and in the area they serve while also establishing themselves as an authority with the right vehicle wraps.

Since customers let a plumber into their private home, it’s important they recognize the company name. Even further, seeing a van consistently driving through their neighborhood or the local highways can show others in the area have already decided to trust them. But all vans tend to have the company name displayed. With these 10 rules of thumb, you can make a bigger impact without spending extra cash out of your budget.

  • Ditch the White Space. White vans are the most common in plumbing, which makes them less recognizable. Using the colors that you already have in your brand can make a bigger impact and catch the eye of those driving by. Even better, it shows more creativity and has a more cohesive feel for your overall brand.
  • Better Contrast.By using a color other than white, you have the opportunity to add more contrast. This contrast not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye, but it actually makes your advertisements easier to read. The smaller detail can have a much bigger impact and help passersby fully grasp your message.
  • Avoid Title or Sentence Case. Unless it’s one short word, all uppercase is difficult to read. This is because people read by the shape of the letter. Having more variety in those shapes makes it much easier to read, which is imperative for a moving advertisement.
  • Less is certainly more when it comes to a vehicle wrap. Make it obvious what the main message is and avoid clutter. The main point should be the call to action and your brand name as opposed to every service you offer since the average person has a good understanding of what a plumber does.
  • Keep the Logo as the Center. Of course, the logo doesn’t literally have to be in the center, but it does have to be the focal point. The advertisement won’t be effective if they don’t remember your company name and logo first and foremost.
  • Go Bold.Thin scripts may have a creative appeal, but they’re difficult to read. While this can be a nice artistic expression when a person has the time to read, there simply isn’t enough time to properly read this style unless the van is parked.
  • Don’t Clash Your Elements. Contrast is a great tool, but clash is not. You should use vibrant colors that play off one another rather than vibrating off one another. For instance, red and blue clash while red and green contrast.
  • Use Images. Images are easy to grasp, even when only seen quickly. Limiting the text to important information for your brand and having graphics as the focal point will help passersby get the most out of your ad.
  • Don’t Forget the Back.Every part of the van is an opportunity to make an impact. The back of a van has a longer chance to make an impact since followers behind the van have a longer and clearer view of your message.
  • Website and Social.Using your web presence can alleviate the need to put everything front and center but allow customers to learn about your products. This also gives a quick and easy call to action that can lead to a sale.

If you’re ready to get your truck wrapped to help advertise your plumbing business, contact Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio today.


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