A Quick Guide to Rules Regarding Event Banners in Longmont CO

If you are a new business opening in the Longmont area, you may not be aware of some of the rules regarding the installation of temporary vinyl event banners. The regulations are fairly simple, but they are still good to know. Here are a few of the standards that you must abide by when installing this type of sign, along with some basic information about banner use and materials.

What Are These Signs Made of?

Event banners are generally made of vinyl. This is a durable material that tends to withstand the elements well. Vinyl is easy to customize and also easy to store. Just roll up your banner and put it away for the next time you need it.

What Are Event Banners Used For?

Maybe you’re unsure of when to use a temporary banner for your business. Well, it’s best to utilize these signs when you’re having a grand opening, special sale or just want to advertise for a particular event that’s coming up, such as a community street festival. Since event banners are made of vinyl, they tend to resist water and weather damage, making them excellent for outdoor use.

What’s the First Step Before Installing?

The first thing you need to do before installing a banner on your company’s property is to apply for a permit. This permit is called a Special Event Sign Permit. In Longmont, either you or your Licensed Sign Contractor can do this. The permits cost $10 per quarter, or 3-month period.

What Are the Rules?

Any special event signage, which includes your event banners, may be displayed for up to 30 days in any 3-month period. While non-permanent signs don’t require design approval from the Longmont Downtown Development Authority, or LDDA, they still must follow the Downtown Longmont District Sign Design Standards. They do not require a Certificate of Compliance.

Also, any non-permanent banners must be attached flat to your building’s wall. And an important note: wind signs, like feather flags, are not permitted by the LDDA.

One Last Note

Remember, these rules only apply to the non-permanent vinyl event banners, not the permanent displays. For the requirements regarding these signs, check out this handy guide to installing signage in Longmont.

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