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People always try to improve their signage systems through different tricks or by implementing new strategies. Recent studies showed us that vehicle wrap signage is a very reliable method to promote products and services. Owning a fleet of trucks can make things a lot simpler for you and you can use them as moving billboards.

Still, as you can imagine, the design, the printing and the installation of a box truck wrap signage are more complicated than when it comes to a conventional type of signage.

In the following, we will tell you more about printing and installation of box truck wraps signage and how can an expert help you.

1. Design

As a business owner, you probably have some design ideas in your mind and you know how your future wrap signage is going to look like. Still, when it comes to box truck wrap signs, the design is more pretentious and it requires a special level of attention.

For example, the sign has to be designed in such way that it will highlight the key message of your sign, according to your vehicles’ size and shapes. A professional has the right level of expertise to assist you with that and to create the best signage design for your vehicles

2. Printing

A professional company will always make sure that the printing process will follow the design pattern according to your instructions.

There are two main types of box truck wraps: the long-term truck wraps and the temporary truck wraps. The temporary truck wraps are usually made of vinyl. They are great for short-term promotions as they cost less money and they can be replaced without too much of a struggle. A well made temporary signage can last from a few months to one year.

Long-term truck wraps can be used for displaying your company’s logo, your brand or something about your company that’s not about to change in the nearest future. If they are made of some resistant materials, long-term truck wraps can last even for five years

3. Installation

The installation of box truck wraps is a very technical procedure and it requires a lot of attention from the person who is performing it. Normally, the promotional signage for a truck wrap is divided into more parts and then attached to the car, piece by piece. The specialist will then take each piece of your future box truck wrap and match them together with a high level of precision.

If the pieces are not perfectly matched or if one piece is smaller than another, the result will not be satisfactory and the procedure must be performed again. That’s why you should consider hiring a professional when performing this procedure.

Get the Best Box Truck Wraps Right Now

Having a well designed, resistant and cheap box truck wrap for your car fleet can seem like an impossible offer, but we make that happen every day. At 303 Sign Company, we design the best box truck wrap signage, with a high attention to details and for more than affordable prices. Contact us today and let’s make the best box truck wrap signs together!


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