Channel Letters Encourage Retail Sales

Channel letters are an excellent choice of exterior signage for any retailer. Because of their large size and colorful display, these signs are used by many different businesses. They indicate where a store is located, bringing in casual foot traffic that turns into valued customers. By installing channel letters, as a business owner, you are making a solid signage decision. Learn more about these classic and reliable outdoor signs.

What Are They Made Of?

Channel letters are made of an aluminum frame that’s sturdy and resists rust as well as insect damage. They have a vinyl or PVC overlay that is very easy to customize, so you can design your sign to fit whatever brand needs you want.

New to Town? Try Channel Letters

If you have a retail store that’s just opened up in your town or city, you may feel a bit daunted by all the myriad ways you can advertise your business. With trusted channel letters, you can rest easy, knowing that these signs are going to help bring people into your store. Display them on your exterior wall and watch people come to you.

Build Brand Awareness

If you are in the process of rebranding, your customers may feel a little confused about what’s going on. And if you are moving to a new location, that’s also a little overwhelming for them. Keep your rebranding consistent with channel letters. Design them to match your brand message and install them at your new location once you’re all moved in. This will help customers new and old alike recognize your store and return to it.

You Can Get Creative with Your Sign

Channel letters definitely do not have to be boring! Let’s say you’re the owner of a pet store. You could design channel letters that incorporate not only the name of your shop but also fun pictures of animals, like cats, dogs and fish. It would be great if this sign were brightly colored or even illuminated so it could be seen at night. This is just one example of how channel letters can be more than just a sign.

Get High-Quality Channel Letters

Now that you’ve learned about how channel letters are a fantastic choice for retailers, get your professionally-made sign from 303 Sign Company. We are your one-stop shop for everything sign-related, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Contact us now for a free quote.


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