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    Custom Lighted Building Signs in Fredrick, Co

    Early this June Cerus Fitness contacted us. Cerus is a fitness lifestyle brand for all people at all ability levels. They host exciting obstacle courses and adventure events, and free year-round workouts. They also produce amazing fitness sandbags and rucks!

    How to Order Custom Lighted Building Signs in Fredrick, Co

    They contacted us regarding a sign for the new gym they are opening in Frederick Colorado. Not so long after the call, we headed over to perform a site survey. 

    The building had lots of potential. The other signs on the building showed that there was a great possibility to build contrast with the building and the sign. We got our measurements and started on the designs soon after. 

    Why Choose Channel Letters?

    A few months later after we went through our process and worked out logistics, we put up the channel letters that complimented the building. The channel letters were made of an aluminum frame that’s sturdy and resists rust as well as insect damage. They are made of vinyl usually or PVC overlay that is very easy to customize, so you can design your sign to fit whatever brand needs you to want. 

    A Professional Installation Makes a Big Difference

    As typical this wasn’t straight forward, there were a couple of design iterations to make sure we made the perfect sign. But the final result was worth it. After wrapping up the project, the folks at Cerus fitness we’re ecstatic with the final result. Their grand opening is on November 14 and we’re happy to have finished this project for them in a timely manner. 

    If you are looking for a well-made sign with a good design soon, let us know, we’re always happy to help! 


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