How to Promote a Product at Your Next Event

Business promotion at events and festivals is one of the most effective ways of improving brand awareness in the community and increasing the shares in the target market.

Events can range from large trade shows for specific target markets to local community events such as school gals and sporting events. But, no matter the type of the event, it’s essential to come up with a thoughtful plan on how to reach your target market.

Here are some simple tips:

Remain Subtle About the Product.

If you want to launch a new product at the event, avoid overwhelming your audience with too much information. Ensure that they remain positive about the product. Offer your guests entertaining experience and let the attendees think about preference. Make the event attractive and memorable, to ensure that it sticks in the audience’s mind for a longer time. The design of the venue, decorations, music and event food should match the theme of the event.

Use the Technology.

Having a tech-savvy event in all aspects helps in promoting your brand. Use the technology in all its forms, including video, monitors, lighting and real-time social media. Various tech options can employ to promote the brand while allowing the attendees interact with each other comfortably. For instance, you can have attractive photo booths that include your brand logo.

Have Giveaways with Your Brand.

Offers and gifts such as free tote bags or T-shirts are very effective in promoting your product. Gifts that carry your logo offer a longer positive effect in the user’s mind. Match your products well with the needs of the attendees and the event.

Use Footprints to Guide Attendees In the Venue.

Having branded footprints ensures that attendees familiarize themselves with your product as they move into the venue. Research shows that branded footprints are very effective in marketing. Ensure that the footprint features the colors associated with your business as well as your logo.

Use Compelling Signs and Graphics.

Talk to a professional signage designer to help you develop compelling graphics and signs for your event. You special event banners, posters, show exhibits and displays should present your brand.


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