Why Monument Signs Are Excellent for Schools

If you’re an administrator of a school, whether it be an elementary school, middle school or high school, you know you need good exterior signage. Choosing the right type of sign to display outside of your educational institution is a crucial decision to make. If your sign is too small, no one will see it. If it’s too obtrusive and large, it will overpower the building.

Monument signs are a great way to get to that happy medium. These exterior signs are an excellent choice for schools, because while they are large and stately, they can be designed with the dimensions of your property in mind, and placed accordingly.

Read on to learn more about how these distinguished-looking signs can benefit your school.

Pro # 1: The Materials Last

If you want an exterior sign that lasts and lasts, look no further than monument signs. These signs are traditionally made of stone or brick, but can also be made of materials like concrete or exterior-rated foam. Obviously stone and brick are long-lasting. But many people don’t know how well foam lasts. Besides, this type of foam can be created and designed to look a lot like the more traditional materials.

If you run a school, you can see why this is appealing. You can use whatever material you like, and it will last a while, withstanding weather, wind and the occasional child accidentally hitting the sign with a baseball (we’re sure it happens!).

Pro # 2: You Can Customize the Sign

Another good thing about monument signs is how you can design them however you like. Do you want a more whimsical-looking sign for your elementary school or daycare? How about a more dignified sign with muted colors, like gray and black, for your high school? Either one can be done with a monument sign. You can even add a design that features your mascot.

Pro # 3: Easily Noticed from Afar

Because monument signs tend to be on the larger side, people driving by won’t miss your school. No need for U-turns with these signs. Place your sign close to the road, so everyone will see it as they pass by. Make sure that it’s not too close to trees or shrubbery, either.

Get Your Classic Monument Signs

So, you’ve learned about the benefits of installing a monument sign for your school. Once you’ve made your decision, give 303 Sign Company a call. Contact us now for a free quote.


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